VideoDays 2022 - The Annual Event for Everyone Doing Video


It’s back – the only event dedicated to helping companies of all sizes up their video game. We’ve put together our strongest-ever lineup of video leaders to share their knowledge and drive the field forward once again.For the marketing leaders putting video at the heart of their content and martech strategy.
For the marketing professionals creating growth, content and deeper customer relationships with video.
For the change-makers creating game-changing formats, events and productions.
For every company looking to upgrade their approach to video. From the two-person start-up to the biggest global enterprises.
From high-level strategy talks to the nitty gritty on must-have gear, emerging formats, and how to shine on camera, all sessions will be available live and on-demand.
Hosted by TwentyThree – The Video Marketing Company.

20 Speakers
Watch On-demand
12 hours of content

Watch if you are interested in:

Video production
Video studios
Personal video Video marketing

Social video
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Video analytics
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Jonas Poher Rasmussen
Award winning Director

On building personal stories when writing and directing award winning documentaries

Vincent Moon
Independant Filmmaker and Sound Explorer

On storytelling and directing and behind the scenes on Efterklang's The Last Concert video.

Thomas Madsen-Mygdal
Co-founder and CEO at TwentyThree

On How Video is Changing the World.

Gianfranco Chicco
Legendary Event Curator and Marketing Strategist

On the Power of Video to Break Physical Barriers.

Geoffrey Brown
Marketing Manager at GoDaddy

On building global webinar programs in B2B.

Pep Rosenfeld
Owner Boom Chicago, Comedian and Conference Host

On hosting and facilitating with humor and energy

Patrice Evra
Football Legend and Social Media Star

On making content for social media

Steffen Fagerström Christensen
CTO & Co-founder of TwentyThree

On video marketing trends and insights.

Sarah Stallwood
Video Analytics Expert, COO at Magic Numbers

On understanding the effectiveness of video in your marketing mix.

Michael Barber
Award Winning Marketer

On creating ROI from your video marketing efforts .

Casey Schendel
Former Tesla and Airbnb Video Producer and Partner at Think Out Loud

On building a video agency and learnings from producing video for brands like Tesla and Airbnb.

Avery Bazan
Former DJI Film Director and Partner at Think Out Loud

On building a video agency and learnings from producing video for brands like DJI.

Ann Handley
Content Marketing Legend, CCO at Marketing Profs

On the current state of video and content marketing.

Luke Hale
Head of Production at Shootsta

On building a video agency and learnings from producing video for the world's best brands.

Tyrona Heath
B2B Marketer, Author, Leader

On long standing principles of creativity that help brands be remembered and bought.

Heike Young
Senior director, Salesforce: Content strategy

Will join the panel for a talk about the role of video within a B2B content marketing strategy.

Jon Mowat
MD & Founder of Hurricane

on his journey with Hurricane and perspective on the future of video agencies.

Fergus Dyer-Smith
CEO of Wooshii

On his journey with Wooshi and perspective on creating a video first mindset

Tapio Haaja
Chief Video Strategist & Development Director at Videolle

On his journey with Videolle and perspective on video production

Laura Erdem
Senior Account Executive at Dreamdata

On building a brand on LinkedIn - and generating leads - with the help of personal video.

Aaron Rungsted Marchmann

On running a video-driven sales team using Personal videos for better results

Per Krogh Christiansen
Industrial Communications & Identification enthusiast @Siemens

On the studio and gear that Siemens Denmark use for videos

Bart Demaegdt
Business Development Digitalization @Siemens

On how Siemens in Belgium uses their video studio and gear

Henrique Font
Global Marketing Director at Voltimum

On how a studio can help make a company truly video driven

What you get?

  • 20 speakers in 10 sessions you can access on-demand
  • Real world lessons from some of the world's best video marketers
  • Concrete video formats you can start using in your marketing teams and organisations
  • The latest best practise on getting the most from your video and content strategy
  • Visits to video studios around the world

Who we are and why we are organising The VideoDays?

VideoDays is brought to you by TwentyThree – The Video Company. Pioneers in video marketing and communication technology, we help companies, non-profits and individuals create deeper relationships with their audiences with our full suite of video tools.